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Captain Kang 강선장 Review from BIFF

By Chocoshrek

Captain Kang (강선장) by documentary maker Ho-yeon WON (원호연) made its world premiere at the Busan International Film Festival yesterday.

The production opens with a shot of a swallow sitting and breathing heavily on the side of the boat. We see Captain Kang for the first time looking at the swallow commenting how he must have flown a long way and how he must be tired. The statement is truly reflective of Captain Kang himself who had his life changed when he lost his legs almost 20 years ago (he comments in the film on his birthday how its been 17 years since the accident).

Director Ho-yeon WON (원호연)commented that having made a TV documentary on Captain Kang 5 years ago helped

From left to right Director Won Ho-yeon 원호연with producer KIM Min-chul 김민철 and a BIFF staff member at the Captain Kang World Premiere

him to understand both Kang and his families behaviors and so we are left with spectacular cinematography of Captain Kang and his family’s life at home, in the sea and in his neighborhood.

What makes this documentary so wonderful though are the people, from Captain Kang to his small fishing crew who enjoy teasing each other but with age catching up with them they begin to consider their futures with more trepidation  as the work of fishing begins to wear on their bodies. The relationship between Captain Kang and his son is something that the director didn’t set out to capture but the tension between the pair and their thoughts of each other shown through the film is both heart breaking and touching.

As described in the Busan International Film Festival program this is truly a story about regrets, drawing strength from family and lamenting a son’s lost dreams. This story could easily become a drama based film.

A fantastic big screen debut by Director Ho-yeon WON (원호연).

4 out of 5 ROK’s

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