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The Return of the Kang 강호동

Korean Entertainer Kang Ho Dong 강호동

After a year in early retirement, November will see the return of Kang Ho Dong 강호동, one of the most popular TV hosts in Korean history. The Joongang Ilbo recently reported that MBC has made statements that he will return to “Knee-Drop Guru (무릎팍 도사).” Kang also confirmed his return to “Star King (스타킹)” on SBS, which he used to host. In addition, he is looking over a proposal by KBS.

The return is long-awaited and you can guarantee millions in Korea will see this as a welcome return because the talents of such a host are rare in most countries. Armed with quick wit and integrity he possesses the rare quality to be accessible to young and old evidenced by his warmth with kids and adults on Star King. He also has the ability to laugh at himself and missing the birth of a child and his first wedding anniversary to attend filming reflects a man committed to his work. Before you go judging him on that consider the point that he earned an estimated 10 million won (approx. 9000 USD in 2012) per episode, per show (about 4 shows a week), making him one of the most highly paid television hosts in the country in 2011. Those kinds of numbers would make me miss my own wedding.

Back in 2011 riding the high horse of success, Kang Ho Dong’s career was blindsided by the wrath of netizens when word got out that he had been charged by the Korean National Tax Service with tax evasion, however it seems no formal charge was ever filed. In December of 2011,as reported by AllKpop the Seoul District Prosecutor Office announced, “In the case of the fine being less than $500,000 USD (per year over a 3 year period), the National Tax Service must file a charge of tax evasion in order for the subject to be a suspect of tax evasion. However, there has been no such charge up until now, so we have decided to drop the case as of the 16th.” The National Tax Service also added, “Kang Ho Dong’s annual fine is less than the required $500,000 USD. Furthermore, he did not commit acts of intentional evasion. It is merely a mistake made on behalf of his accountant, so we will not be charging him with tax evasion.”  By the time this news had been released,  the damage had already been done. Kang had retired himself from the entertainment business, the netizens were quick to swoop on the carcass. He made public appearances to apologize for his wrong doings, when all the while an accountancy mistake by his accountants was to blame.

In some way justice will have been done. At any rate it’ll be great to see the return of Kang Ho Dong and his infectious laugh.

Below; a few videos with Kang Ho Dong

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